Visual Logorrhea – On the Prevalence of Slideuments

Visual Logorrhea - On the Prevalence of SlideumentsAbstract

Recent literature on presentation design advocates highly visual slides avoiding a lot of text. Reading and listening at the same time is assumed to be impossible; long bulleted lists of text are thought to be distracting from the speech and therefore to be avoided. Although the critique of so-called “slideuments” is ubiquitous, there is little to no quantitative research on their prevalence in presentation design. In order to close this gap, almost 1,500 random presentations freely available on the internet have been examined. Besides the analysis of the textual content (i.e. word and line counts) that forms the primary basis of this publication, font and layout have also been analyzed. The results have been compared with different advice on presentation design found in a selection of widely known sources.

The full report can be found here.

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