Visual Logorrhea – On the Prevalence of Slideuments

Visual Logorrhea - On the Prevalence of SlideumentsAbstract

Recent lite­ra­tu­re on pre­sen­ta­ti­on design advo­ca­tes high­ly visu­al sli­des avo­i­ding a lot of text. Rea­ding and listen­ing at the same time is assu­med to be impos­si­ble; long bul­le­ted lists of text are thought to be dis­trac­ting from the speech and the­re­fo­re to be avo­ided. Alt­hough the cri­tique of so-cal­led „sli­de­u­m­ents” is ubi­qui­tous, there is litt­le to no quan­ti­ta­ti­ve rese­arch on their pre­v­a­lence in pre­sen­ta­ti­on design. In order to close this gap, almost 1,500 ran­dom pre­sen­ta­ti­ons free­ly avail­able on the inter­net have been exami­ned. Bes­i­des the ana­ly­sis of the tex­tu­al con­tent (i.e. word and line counts) that forms the pri­ma­ry basis of this publi­ca­ti­on, font and lay­out have also been ana­ly­zed. The results have been com­pa­red with dif­fe­rent advice on pre­sen­ta­ti­on design found in a selec­tion of wide­ly known sources.

The full report can be found here.

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