Some Data on the Current Use of PowerPoint – Font Sizes

This post is an excer­pt from „Visual Logor­rhea – On the Pre­va­len­ce of Sli­de­u­ments”. In order to get an impres­si­on of the cur­rent use of Power­Point for pre­sen­ta­ti­on desi­gn, 1.500 pre­sen­ta­ti­ons found on the inter­net have been ana­ly­zed. Read the full story here. 

Font Sizes

The font size wit­hin a shape con­tai­ning text can vary, con­se­quent­ly, font sizes have been ana­ly­zed by „run” (which is a con­ti­nuous sequen­ce of text of the same for­mat­ting as regards font type, size and empha­sis). … weiterlesen ...